Prioritising Sustainability For A Better WorldSustainable

Sustainability At Core

Join Forces To Lead The Sustainability MovementGo Green

We recognize the impact of our actions on the environment, and that's why we're dedicated to building a packaging paradigm that embraces inclusivity and sustainability. Our holistic approach encompasses every aspect of our operations, from materials sourcing to waste reduction.

At Xetgo, we strongly believe that today's actions shape tomorrow's outcomes. Therefore, with each purchase, we contribute to global sustainability by planting trees, symbolizing our commitment to a better future.

By choosing our sustainable packaging products, you're making a positive impact on your brand and joining a movement toward a greener and more responsible world.
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Billion trees are cut down each year
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Million people call forests their home
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Billion metric tons of CO2 released per year

Our Contributions

When you shoulder the most important responsibility, the responsibility of being eco-conscious

Our FSC-certified packaging helps promote sustainable forest management, which is extremely important for our environment.

FSC-certified packaging is packaging certified by the FSC as being made from materials from well-managed forests. This means that the packaging has been traced back to its source, and it has been determined that the materials used to make it were obtained in a way that meets the FSC’s standards for responsible forestry. Companies that use FSC-certified packaging demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and responsible forestry practices.

Using FSC-certified packaging can also be a way for companies to show their customers that they are working towards being sustainable. In addition, by using FSC-certified packaging, companies can help support the growth and management of well-managed forests, which can have a number of environmental benefits, including carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, and soil and water conservation.

Why FSC Matters

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social responsibility
  • Ethically sourced packaging materials
  • Helps in sustainable reforestation
corrugated box with FSC certification on it

Promise of Packaging that is SustainablePlant A Tree And Save The PlanetPLANT TREES

As the world shifts towards environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious choices, Xetgo offers sustainable packaging options that are biodegradable and recyclable, to ensure minimal impact on our ecosystem.

At Xetgo, we believe that small actions can lead to big impacts. That’s why we have implemented a tree planting initiative, where for every custom packaging order you place with us, we will plant a tree in a deforested area. By choosing Xetgo for your packaging needs, not only will you receive high-quality, but you will also be contributing to sustainability efforts all around the world.

Our goal is to not only minimize our impact on the environment but to actively work towards repairing it. Our tree planting initiative is not a token gesture; it’s a radical act of environmental stewardship. For every custom packaging order placed with us, we’re not just delivering excellence in design and craftsmanship; we’re delivering hope, renewal, and a tangible impact on the world we share.

Join the movement
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Environmental benefits
Reduce environmental impact by using materials that are biodegradable, recyclable and made from renewable resources.
aerial view of a green forest
Brand reputation
Enhance the brand reputation by showing that the company is committed to environmental responsibility.
xetgo planting a tree because of their sustainability initiatives
Compliance with regulations
Help comply with regulations and guidelines related to packaging and waste management.